Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dudleytown Curse

This is a true story. Last year about this time, we teamed up with a Hollywood production company to make a full length feature film and book series about events that happened in Dudleytown, an abandoned village in Northwest Connecticut. Some say that Dudleytown is one of the most demonically possessed place in the United States. Some say that it is not a cursed village. I say that the Dudleytown curse is real. We hired a team of writers and put them in a lovely house not too far from the Dudleytown site. Very soon after, things started to go wrong. People turned against one another - relationships were damaged - gossip ran rampant - many acted out of character. We all suffered greatly... And one day, the writers just disappeared. And someone almost died... Check out to learn more about Dudleytown (you can also get to our myspace from there). This is a true story.

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